Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Mitt Romney endorses the Stork Theory

The Republican War on Science is reaching new levels of absurdity:

"Senator Obama is wrong if he thinks science-based sex education has any place in kindergarten," Romney told some 150 people at a restaurant in the northern part of the state. "We should be working to clean up the filthy waters our kids are swimming in."

And what exactly is this cesspool of science based sex education Romney is scolding Obama over?

WASHINGTON, July 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Statement from Kathleen M. Burke, CEO, Robert Crown Center for Health Education on age-appropriate sex education for 5 year-olds:

"Age-appropriate classroom sex education for this age group is simply referring to teaching medically appropriate names for parts of the body instead of baby names. We keep it simple -- it isn't necessary to go into detail about the functions of those body parts, but having an accurate vocabulary goes a long way toward developing understanding and respect for themselves and their bodies. In the absence of this proper language, all that is left are unanswered questions, baby names and playground slang.

It also helps when they ask where their baby brother came from.

This is of course, yet another reversal of the former Governor's position.

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