Saturday, March 8, 2008

I suppose this means that Texas doesn't count, either

Chatwick Matlin of Slate explains why the results of the vote in Wyoming don't matter.

I thought this point was particularly puzzling:
The delegate margin will be small. Even if Obama blows Clinton out of the water in Wyoming, his delegate haul will be minimal. To come out with a six-delegate advantage, he’s going to have to win with a margin of 41 percent...
coupled with this:
Clinton will say Ohio and Texas are a lot bigger than Wyoming
That would be this Texas win:

Clinton won the primary with 51 percent of the popular vote to Obama's 47 percent, according to the Associated Press. Those results earned her 65 delegates to Obama's 61 delegates.

So Clinton netted +4 delegates in the primaries of the great state of Texas, which by Slate standards is apparently small.

And what about the results of the Texas caucuses?

The state Democratic Party estimates that Obama will come out ahead: 37 pledged delegated to Clinton's 30 delegates. But the official tally of the Texas caucus won't be ready for months.
So apparently, Obama will win Texas +3.

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