Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bob Barr's insurgent campaign costs John McCain two states

He didn't exactly cost John McCain the election, but if the current numbers hold, it looks like Bob Barr, the conservative Republican who famously broke from his party on the issues of the rule of law and torture, may have cost John McCain victories in North Carolina and Indiana.

    North Carolina with 98% of precincts reporting

  • Barack Obama(D) 2,098,401
  • John McCain(R) 2,084,344
  • Bob Barr(L) 25,031

  • Indiana with 98% of precincts reporting

  • Barack Obama(D) 1,330,959
  • John McCain(R) 1,315,916
  • Bob Barr(L) 28,692

Update: Too early to be sure, but Ron Paul may cost him Montana for the same reason.

Numbers via TPM at 12:30 Eastern time.
Image via Bob Barr for President under a Creative Commons license.

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