Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Barack Obama's pastor doubts America is ready for a black president

The German magazine Spiegel International interviewed Barack Obama's minister, asking about how religion frames Barack's political views. In the end, though, he still believes America isn't ready to elect an African American.
SPIEGEL: Do you think he will be President in two years?

Wright: No. Unless Barak pulls off nationally what he was able to pull off locally, and wins the hearts and minds of people who have been perennially anti-black. Racism is so deeply ingrained in this country that he could be flawless in terms of his policies. But he's still a black man in this country, which has a sorry history in terms of how it sees African-American males. That's my 65-year-old, jaded perception of where this country is. I was pleasantly surprised in the Senate election. I would like to be as pleasantly surprised in the presidential election.

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