Thursday, March 22, 2007

Ezra Klein points out that Bush is threatening to use his second-ever veto on the bill to prevent Washington D.C. from getting Congressional representation.

But Bush is always issuing veto threats. I think its time the Congress started forcing him to make good on them.
Let him veto representation for DC.
Let him veto a plan to end the Iraq war.
Let him veto open-government legislation.
Let him veto the minimum wage increase.
Let him veto the anti-terror bill over worker's rights.
Let him veto stem-cell research, again.
Let him veto drug price negotiation.
Nothing defines the political parties better than the lines each will draw in the sand. These are all substantive issues that should be fought out and publicly debated. A battle with the president over real policies would be a refreshing change from all the nonsense culture war rhetoric that dominated the last few election cycles. Even if they lose, they can point to those issues and say, "this is what Democratic leadership would bring you"

That's a winning strategy for 2008.

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