Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Republicans hate taxes, but they love tolls

"No new taxes" is a mantra with Republicans, who believe that cutting taxes dramatically would create an economic miracle. In Texas this is particularly true; taxes to fund schools on a state-wide level are referred to as "Robin Hood" laws (and Robin Hood isn't a hero in Texas). Property taxes are reviled and the very idea of creating a state income tax is political suicide.

Roads and other services have to be paid for, however, and that means fees. Republicans love fees, and their latest pet idea is toll roads.
Should Texans have to pay to drive?

By 2030 the state's population is projected to rise by at least 40%, with most growth occurring in the big cities.

Toll roads are the answer, the state has decreed. In the past few months drivers have begun paying to use roads north of Austin. More will open later this year. Other free highways in central Texas could also be converted to tollways, including a popular route to the airport in Austin.
From someone who's lived in states with tolls; believe me, it's better to just pay the taxes up front. People are always fighting to keep taxes low.

Tolls are forever.

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