Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mitt Romney accuses Bill Clinton of dismantling the military

In a speech at the Bush (Sr.) Presidential Library, Mitt Romney praised the former president for his leadership as a member of the greatest generation, while attacking Bill Clinton for destroying a strong military built up by Bush and Reagan before him.
After President Bush left office in 1993, the Clinton administration began to dismantle our military, in what some called a peace dividend. They took the dividend, but didn't get the peace. It seems that we had come to believe that war and threats and evil men were gone forever. As Charles Krauthammer observed: we took a holiday from history.

Simply look at the neglect of our military

We purchased only a small fraction of what was needed to maintain our strength. Instead, we have lived off the assets that had been purchased in the prior decades. The equipment and armament gap continues to this day.
Mitt is apparently oblivious to the fact that Bill Clinton hasn't been president for more than 6 years, now. And that George Bush Jr. has had every opportunity to repair the supposed damage.

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