Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Republicans join the Democrats to pass the Iraq supplemental

via AmericaBlog, comes the news of the Senate passing the controversial Iraq supplemental bill. A bill that would require U.S. withdrawal next year.

The final vote 51-46.

Lindsay Graham and John McCain, who have both been very vocal in their support of the president's strategy, missed the vote as did Tim Johnson who is still recovering from a brain injury.

Graham recently challenged Harry Reid's assessment of the war stating:

"As part of the War on Terror, Iraq is a test of wills - our will to succeed versus our enemy's will to drive us out. It's in our national interest to stand by peaceful Iraqis and against the extremists who not only want to destroy Iraq, but our own way of life."
McCain, while being an ardent supporter of the war and the current surge strategy, has missed several votes on Iraq and previously stated that the Iraq war votes are meaningless.

Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Gordon Smith of Oregon were the only two Republicans voting along with the Democrats and the Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Independent Joe Lieberman voted against the bill as expected.

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