Monday, May 7, 2007

John McCain attacks Hillary Clinton on Iraq war deauthorization

From his official 2008 campaign site:
ARLINGTON, VA - Today, while campaigning in Reno, NV, U.S. Senator John McCain responded to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's support for a "do-over" vote on the Iraq war:

"Senator Clinton's proposal is the worst idea anyone could possibly have.

"It's a bad idea not to give the strategy we now have in place in Iraq a chance to succeed, especially when we have seen signs of early progress.

"It's always a bad idea to try and undo what you voted for. Political expedience cannot undo a vote cast on a matter of conscience.

"And it's most certainly a bad idea to waste the Senate's time with legislation that sends such a terrible signal to our brave men and women in uniform who are giving their all to make this new strategy work."
McCain appears to stand by his belief that votes on the Iraq war are a waste of the Senate's time. He has made a habit of avoiding votes on Iraq since the Democrats took control of Congress.

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