Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mitt Romney joins Netanyahu and Bolton in calling for a trial of Ahmadinejad

During a speech at Yeshiva University, Mitt Romney made it clear that he has no intention of changing the Bush administration's diplomatic policy regarding Iran. Concerned that direct talks would "reward bad behavior", he prefers to take a more combative approach.
Now there is one place of course where I'd welcome Ahmadinejad with open arms: and that's in a court where he would stand trial for incitement to genocide, under the terms of the Genocide Convention.
This is an echo of the diplomatic style of John Bolton (who famously claimed that the U.N. exists only to serve U.S. interests) and Israel's former hardline PM Benjamin Netanyahu (who felt that Ariel Sharon was an appeaser of terrorists).

Both men have also called for a trial of the Iranian president, and it strongly suggests that Romney gets his foreign policy ideas from the same think tanks.

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