Monday, August 6, 2007

Mitt Romney: we need to have a "person of faith" lead the country.

But you must never, ever, ever ask me about mine.

Romney: "Let me, uh, let me offer just a thought. And that is, uh, one of the great things about this great land, is we have people of different faiths and different persuasions. And uh, I'm convinced that the nation, that the nation does need, the nation does need to have people of different faiths but we need to have a person of faith lead the country."

There's something a little pathetic about a man who runs on cleaning up the "cesspool" that is our culture, and appeals for votes among the most partisan fundamentalists complaining when people ask him about his personal religious values.

Romney likes to cite the fact that many voters want a religious person to lead the country. His problem is that many of the same people who would never vote for an atheist, would never vote for a Mormon, either.

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