Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fred Thompson: every woman's fantasy?

Continuing to demonstrate an utter lack of interest in the 19 candidates already running for president, we get another puff piece about a man who might jump in the race.

In the battle for the women’s vote, Fred Thompson has a secret weapon against Hillary Clinton - the legions of former girlfriends who still adore him and who want him to be president.

Seriously, how many women can the guy have dated.

From one of his exes:
“Fred is a perfect example of chivalry. He’s the kind of man little girls dream about marrying, who opens doors for you, lights your cigarettes, helps you on with your coat, buys wonderful gifts. It’s every woman’s fantasy.”
Now, I realize this puts him way ahead of Giuliani in terms of the ex-vote, but this isn't Brad Pitt we're talking about here. A choice between voting for the first woman president and voting for the guy from Die Hard 2 doesn't constitute an epic battle over the women's vote.

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