Sunday, June 24, 2007

How to suck up to the boss, Monica Goodling edition

An odd note from the recently released Monica Goodling files. During the weeks when she was busy purging U. S. Attorneys for investigating voter discrimination and replacing them with Karl Rove proteges she had a habit of tagging this quote to the end of her email messages:

"[W]e rededicate ourselves to the ideals that inspired our founders. During that hot summer in Philadelphia more than 200 years ago, from our desperate fight for independence to the darkest days of a civil war, to the hard-fought battles of the 20th century, there were many chances to lose our heart, our nerve, or our way. But Americans have always held firm, because we have always believed in certain truths: We know that the freedom we defend is meant for all men and women, and for all times. And we know that when the work is hard, the proper response is not retreat; it is courage." - President George W. Bush, July 4, 2005

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