Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let's find a way to blame Bill Clinton

From Monica Goodling's email files:

Andrea, do you want to send this to the Counsel's office? Please check this, but I think we have data on all the Clinton USA nominations in the last 3 years of his Administration - there were 19 new USAs. Can we make an argument that Pres. Bush has sent fewer nominations up (that it is quite normal for USAS to resign 2 years before the Admin ends), and how can we discover the circumstances of the Clinton Administration USA resignations? I will send out to judiciary staff soon. What do you think?
And her reply?

It is true that it is common for many U.S. Attorneys to move on for various reasons, but I don't think we want to say that we have sent fewer nominations up.

Clinton had only 122 nominated and confirmed U.S. Attorneys -- so about a third of his districts turned over and had two U.S. Attorneys nominated and confirmed. President Bush is already at 124 so we are running pretty close to the same amount of turnover right now, but our number will climb higher by the end.

From 1/1/1999 to 12/5/2000,19 Presidentially-appointed and senate-confirmed USAs resigned their positions.

Darn Clinton.

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