Thursday, February 15, 2007

Giuliani's supporters

Quotes from the Baltimore Sun:

Linda Sutter, 50, of Crescent City, Calif., who supports Giuliani because "I feel secure with him." After learning about his positions on immigration and other issues, the retired correctional officer acknowledged that she was "not completely informed. ... Some of those things might stop me from voting for him."

Laura Hancock, 59, who runs a small business with her husband in Placer County, in the Sierra Nevada foothills, said Giuliani's "leadership qualities" trump everything else.

"If we're not safe, nothing else matters," said Hancock, who is coordinating Giuliani's campaign in her county. The conservative Christian said the issue of abortion "is between a woman and God," but cuts short an interview after acknowledging that she isn't familiar with her candidate's positions on many issues.

Mike Gomez, 58, a county health department worker from Vallejo, is well aware of Giuliani's views on social issues - and disagrees with nearly all of them.

Still, for the first time, the conservative Republican is planning to vote for a presidential candidate who favors abortion rights. The overriding factor: Giuliani's leadership in the wake of the Sept. 11 attacks and his stand against terrorism.

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