Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mitt Romney on Energy Independence

Mitt Romney has a short 2 paragraph statement on his plan for Energy Independence:
We must become independent from foreign sources of oil. This will mean a combination of efforts related to conservation and efficiency measures, developing alternative sources of energy like biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear, and coal gasification, and finding more domestic sources of oil such as in ANWR or the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS).

Governor Romney: "We're using too much oil," Romney said. "We have an answer. We can use alternative sources of energy -- biodiesel, ethanol, nuclear power -- and we can drill for more oil here. We can be more energy independent and we can be far more efficient in the use of that energy"
In 2005 he pulled Massachusetts out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, an agreement which was intended to cut carbon dioxide emissions from Northeast power plants.
Mass. pulls out of agreement to cut power plant emissions

Along with New York, Massachusetts was a leader in forging the agreement over the past two years, and last month Romney called the agreement ''good business." But he later raised concerns about the impact the agreement would have on business energy costs.

Romney said last night that he could not endorse a plan that did not include a ''safety valve," one that would cap the amount power plants would have to pay if they exceed emissions limits -- costs that could be passed on to businesses and consumers.

...Romney's plan, however, includes thresholds that would allow power plants to exceed emission limits if the cost of controlling them becomes too high, a provision he and some businesses say will keep energy costs realistic.

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