Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hillary Clinton opposes Military Commissions

For those of us who hope the next election is decided on the issues, Hillary Clinton's official campaign website is a disappointment. There is no On the Issues link. There's Hillary's story, filled with video testimonials about her life as a mother and first lady, there's a Newsroom filled with stories of her unbeatability, her religious roots and her fundraising prowess. You have to dig a layer deeper to find her stand in speeches she's given over the last year, although that remains pretty sparse at the moment.

A better option is her official Senate site.

Senator Clinton Underscores Opposition to Military Commissions Act

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton emphasized her opposition to ill-considered military commissions legislation rushed to the Senate floor that has “serious implications for our national security interests abroad, the rights of Americans at home, our reputation in the world and the safety of our troops.” She emphasized that the Senate has a responsibility to get this right and that “we must convict and punish the guilty in a way that reinforces their guilt before the world and does not undermine our values.”

“Democrats and Republicans alike believe that terrorists must be caught, captured, sentenced, punished. I believe there can be no mercy for those who perpetrated 9/11 and other crimes against humanity. But in the process of accomplishing what I believe is essential for our security, we must hold on to our values and set an example that we can point to with pride, not shame. Those captured are going nowhere. They are imprisoned now. So we should follow the duty given us by the Supreme Court and carefully craft the right piece of legislation to try and punish them. The President acted without authority and it is our duty now to be careful in handing this President just the right amount of authority to get the job done,” Senator Clinton underscored.

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