Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hillary Clinton attacks Bush's conduct of the war

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton Speaks on Iraq on the Senate Floor

First, my legislation will cap the number of troops in Iraq as of January 1, and will require the Administration to seek Congressional authorization for any additional troops. The President has finally said this is not an open-ended commitment in Iraq, but he is providing the Iraqis with an open-ended presence of American troops.

Like Bush's surge plan, a cap is a change in tactics, not a fundamental change in strategy. What is our goal in Iraq? She doesn't mention it in her speech.
Second, as a means to increase our leverage with the Iraqi government and to clearly send a message that there are consequences to their inaction, I would impose conditions for continued funding of the Iraqi security forces and the private contractors working for the Iraqis. My legislation would require certification that the security forces were free of sectarian and militia influence and were actually assuming greater responsibility for Iraqi security along with other conditions.

Third... My bill requires the Bush Administration to certify that Iraq has disarmed the militias; has ensured that a law has finally been passed for the equitable sharing of oil revenues; that the Iraqi government, under American influence and even pressure, has made the constitutional changes necessary to ensure rights for minority communities; that the de-Baathification process has been reversed to allow teachers, professionals, and others who join the Baath party as a means to get a job to serve in the Iraqi government. I would also require the Administration to engage in a regional diplomatic initiative including all of Iraq's neighbors to address Iraq's future and to understand and convey clearly that the United States expects Iraq's neighbors in the stability and security of the new Iraqi state. If these conditions are not met or are not on their way to being met within six months, a new Congressional authorization requirement would be triggered.
A new Congressional authorization requirement? That is the consequence for continued failure in Iraq! Senator Clinton needs to lay out her view of the Iraq war, what the purpose is and how to get there. She obviously believes American forces can accomplish something, but I've no idea what. In 6 months another 15 - 20,000 Iraqis will be slaughtered in this war.

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